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  An eco-friendly English Village that makes practical use of Mt. Samgak and the surrounding natural resources.
  An English village that focuses on a people-centered education accompanied by leadership training that helps students develop self-management, self-expression, human relationship, and teamwork skills.
This enables students to gain self-respect and become confident, optimistic people who have the ability to become leaders of change in whatever organization they are part of.
  A highly organized operating system is created by qualified instructors and through the educational know-how accumulated by YBM in their 44 years as the leader of foreign language education.
Also, this systematic learning system incorporates a online pre-study program, experiential learning, and an online post study program, helping students assimilate 100% of the material. Especially helpful will be the post study program, 'I love reading' which is an online English study program that enables students' English skills to improve even after they leave the English Village.